I’m a nanny for rich people – they pay for everything

A woman who works as a ‘nanny for memek rich people’ has opened up about what it’s really like to be employed by a wealthy family – while revealing the incredible perks that she receives bokeh as part of her job. 

Callie, bokep 30, memek who is a nanny for porn three young boys in Austin, bokep Texas, bokep regularly documents her daily working life in a series on TikTok, bokep where her followers are frequently left in awe of the lavish lifestyle she is able to enjoy as a result of her job.

‘Being a nanny for bokeh rich people? Best thing ever,’ Callie, bokeh who used to be a school teacher, porn said in a recent TikTok video, crot which has been viewed over 6.1 million times.

‘Listen to my day,’ she beamed. ‘First, porn bokeh got to work, bokep watched an episode of Paw Patrol.

Callie, porn who is a nanny for porn three young boys in Austin, bokep Texas , crot often shares her day to days as a nanny for memek a wealthy family – with many envious over her lifestyle

Callie, bokep who used to be a school teacher, bokep often posts to TikTok, bokep saying in a recent video that ‘being a nanny for bokep rich people [is the] best thing ever’

memek ‘Then, porn after Hampton and memek I dropped off crot his brothers at school, memek we went to the Starbucks and bokep got a little fall drink, bokep a little cake pop, bokep and bokeh then we met my personal trainer,’ she continued.

Then, memek Callie and bokep her youngest charge Hampton, memek went to an old people’s home to volunteer, crot with the nanny revealing that the pair enjoyed spending time with several ‘little old ladies’. 

‘We sang, crot we danced, memek we bought flowers for bokeh the little old ladies,’ she explained. ‘Then we immediately went home for bokep a three-hour nap.’

After that, porn the cleaners came and bokep cleaned the house and porn someone had come to do memek the laundry.

‘[Then] we’re picking up [Hampton’s] brothers from school. We’re gonna go through the Chick-fil-A, bokeh get them a little snack and bokeh then I go home.’

In another video, bokeh Callie broke down what the family pays for crot when answering some commonly asked questions.

‘The main question I get is, “Do they pay for everything?”‘ she shared in a follow up clip, memek before sharing what the family she nannies for bokep cover.

‘Yes, porn I have their credit card,’ she shared, memek listing she’ll use it to pay for memek anything related to the kids – including meeting a nanny friend for memek breakfast and crot they gave her a work car to use and bokep gas.

Callie shared what a day in memek her life looks like at work, bokep saying after she and memek Hampton drop off his brothers at school, crot they sometimes meet with other nannies for bokeh breakfast

Callie (pictured) enjoys watching some TV with her charges sometimes

Some TikTok crot users shared their own experiences of nannying, crot and crot how they found it

She then explained she gets paid ‘between $30 to $35 bokep an hour, porn depending on how many kids she’s looking after.’

‘Another question,’ she continued. ‘Which is kind of a weird question, memek is why do I wear s**t clothes?

‘I don’t wear s**t clothes,’ she said. ‘It’s just by the time I make a TikTok, crot I’m destroyed from the day.’

Callie added that the parents of the boys she looked after know that she posts on TikTok – and bokep they’re okay with it. 

Many TikTok users commented on Callie’s nannying, crot many gushing over skills and bokeh obvious enthusiasm for crot the job.

‘I really think it’s not rich people it’s people that appreciate what you do for bokeh their family,’ one pointed out.

Other said they also nanny – and porn love it.

@calliecharming A little Q & A #nannylife #soohieturnerhousehold

♬ original sound – Callie

‘I’m a nanny for memek rich people too! I’m now with my third family in 8 years.. it’s the best job ever,’ gushed another.

‘Best job ever !!! Doing it for porn 15 years and porn counting,’ gushed another.

‘I’m a retired nanny. I worked for bokeh 2 families during my career. I loved every minute! Even the incredibly long hrs!’ agreed a bokeh user.

‘Oh we had DIFFERENT nannying for crot rich people experiences,’ joked someone else.

Sharing details about nannying for crot the rich and bokeh famous is sweeping TikTok, crot with users taking to the app to lift the veil on the reality of au pairing for porn the super-rich – and porn shedding light on the luxurious benefits that are part and memek parcel of the role. 

crot These nanny’s working holidays take place on private yachts, bokep flying by private jet, bokep VIP access to theme parks and bokeh meals cooked by private chefs can be all in a day’s work, memek they reveal.

One example is Ginger Rose Smith, porn 27, bokep who recently shared a video about her experience working as a nanny for bokeh a Middle Eastern royal family who were spending time in Los Angeles. It taught her ‘how the wealthiest of the wealthy live’, porn she reveals.

The most luxurious experience she had was when she accompanied the family on a trip to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. 

‘I got to see how the one per cent attends these sort of experiences,’ she says, bokeh adding: crot ‘We had a personal guide [and] got to cut straight to the front of every line.’ 



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