Are you also going to buy gold and silver, then definitely keep these important things in mind

The wedding round is underway. In such a case, if you are planning to buy gold and silver, there is news of work for you. If you are planning to buy gold at a wedding or invest in gold, we are talking about 5 important things you should take care of.

1- Identify the purity of gold:-

Before buying gold, there must be news about its purity and the purity of gold is expressed in carats. Hallmarks are given by SO to identify the purity of gold. 24-carat gold jewellery is written on 999, 23 carat sits at 958, 22 carats at 916, 21 carats at 875 and 18 carats at 750. Most gold sells for 22 carats, while some people also use 18 carats. Carat is not more than 24, and the more carat, the purer gold is called.

2- Determination of gold prices:-

Depending on the purity of gold means it varies according to the quality of gold. When buying gold, you should know about the current price of the yellow metal. Because it varies daily depending on the market rate.

3- Always buy hallmarked jewellery:-

In fact, hallmarked jewellery guarantees the purity of gold. That’s why it’s called safe to buy. Hallmarking is used to authenticate the purity of gold. The Bureau of Indian Standards is an agency certifying hallmark gold.

4- Check the exact weight:-

Most gold jewellery in India is sold according to weight, although precious stones like diamonds and emeralds make it heavy. So check the exact weight of gold with the full weight of the jewellery. Be sure to check the weight of gold whenever you are buying it. Because gold is a precious thing. A little bit of weight gets even up and down so there can be a huge problem.

5- Check making charges:-

Making charge is a labour fee levied on gold jewellery, depending on type and design. Many jewellery stores offer a certain discount on making charges. It is advised to check offers and making charges once before buying the offer.

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