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New Delhi: The last week witnessed a slight increase in the prices of gold, following several weeks of a bearish trend over bullion exchanges. On Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), Even on Friday (August 7), which was the last trading of the week, saw a slight rise of 0.68% or Rs 320 in the prices of October gold futures, which closed on Rs 47,557 per 10 grams. 

The recovery in gold prices is sending signals that the yellow metal’s price could soon regain the Rs 50,000 mark in the coming times, offering an impressive opportunity for investors to put their money on the precious metal. 

On Sunday (August 29), the 22-carat gold per 10 grams and the 24-carat gold per 10 grams were retailing at Rs 46,710 and 50,940, respectively, in Delhi. 

The 22-carat gold per 10 grams is selling at Rs 46,660 and the 24-carat gold per 10 grams is retailing at Rs 47,660 in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.

Meanwhile, the rate of 22-carat gold per 10 grams in Kolkata is Rs 47,100 and that of 24-carat gold per 10 grams is Rs 49,810 in West Bengal’s capital city of Kolkata. 

Gold prices in Indian cities:

City         22-carat gold price         24-carat gold price 

Chennai           Rs  45,090                    Rs  49,180

Bangalore        Rs  44,560                    Rs  48,610

Hyderabad       Rs  44,560                    Rs  48,610

Pune                Rs  45,640                    Rs  48,840

Jaipur              Rs  46,620                    Rs  48,920

Lucknow         Rs  46,570                    Rs  50,800

Patna               Rs  45,640                    Rs  48,840

Chandigarh      Rs  46,320                    Rs  48,920

Surat               Rs  46,920                    Rs  48,890

– The data is sourced from Good Returns.

Gold price cheaper by about Rs 8600 from record highs

Gold prices have been plummeting after touching their record highs in August last year. At that time, 10-gram gold was retailing at Rs 56,191 on Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). Also Read: Aadhaar, PAN/EPFO linking facility working fine, outage reports inaccurate: UIDAI

The major reason behind the last year’s meteoric rise in gold prices was the crash of the public markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, gold is currently retailing at about Rs 47,557 per 10 grams on MCX, which means that gold is trading cheaper by at least Rs 8600 from record highs. Also Read: Post Office Scheme: Get Rs 3300 pension by investing just Rs 50,000 in this investment plan

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